Intern Testing Facility is an interactive narrative game exploring the universe of Tough Guy Mountain, where audiences try their best to get to the very top of the bottom of the corporate ladder. Navigate the fever dream of late capitalism through character dialogue as you encounter industrious interns, malevolent mini-mountains, and wispy wayfinders. The narrative was developed in collaboration through the Tough Guy Mountain Board of Directors Tabletop Role Playing Game. Using the figure of the intern as a personification of the artist’s relationship to their (often unpaid) work, the TGM collective creates interactive and performative new media projects with the intern center-stage.

Programming by Jonathan Carroll
Written by Iain Soder
Graphics by Cat Bluemke

Intern Testing Facility was made possible through the BlackFlash Expanded with support from the Canada Council for the Art's Digital Now program, and the endless enthusiasm from Christina Battle. Thank you from your interns at Tough Guy Mountain!

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